• Intelligent Patient Condition Monitoring System

    Starting Point for Integrated Nursing Caregiving Service
    A Service for the Safety and Health of all of the Patient, Guardian, and Nurse

  • Smart Real Time Air Sensor

    Recognize the surrounding environment for
    your health. Environmental sensors only for you.

  • Silver Care IoT Service

    A Safe Care Service for Senior Citizens
    who Live Alone


The creative and Professional, IT Company for our Dreams


Dream Visions Co., Ltd. is a company that provides development and distribution of ICT software, an ICT fusion service, and a comprehensive web business solution service. Upon its establishment in April 2010, it has been growing as an enterprise that provides ICT fusion businesses based on its mobile, big data, and framework technologies.

The systems that Dream Visions are developing are being applied to all kinds of industry, such as the public sector, manufacturing, transportation, communication, and education. Based on such ICT technology power, we are concentrating our efforts on discovering fusion businesses in the areas of health, administration, service, content, and wellness.

Life Care IoT

We provide the development of human happiness-centered technology that puts humans before everything else and a smart Life Care Platform which allows all human beings to enjoy happier and better life.


The core technology of Dream Visions Co., Ltd. enables analyzing biological signals such as “pulse (heartbeat)”, “breathing rate,” and “movement” without any contact with the skin (non-contact), and an object that is un-aware (non-consciousness).

Through the data being measured this way, such data can be used to check health conditions, to sense unusual conditions by analyzing behavioral patterns, and to analyze the quality of sleep through sleep analysis.


We provide a comprehensive solution for the development and distribution of ICT software and fusion services. We are growing as an enterprise that provides a business based on our mobile, big data, and framework technologies.

Corporate Identity

Based on the standard platform conforming to the standards required by OneM2M, an international standard organization for IoT, we have developed Smart Healthcare Bed based on non-contacting unconsciousness biological signal measuring sensor that can measure “heartbeat”, “breathing” and “movement” through piezoelectric sensor ( manufactured by Emfit Co.) or microwave sensor with Doppler effect( manufactured by Sharp Co.)  and an environment sensor that can measure the density of various substances in the air, such as “temperature and humidity,” “CO2,” fine dust, and VOCs. We are continuously developing applied services such as “intelligent Patient Condition Monitoring System”, “intelligent Silver Care IoT Service” that apply biological signal measuring sensor and environment condition measuring sensor technology.

Also, we accumulate the measured/collected data, analyze valid information, and provide information processed into a more user-friendly format through a certain algorithm analysis method and a countermeasure and behavioral guidance for contingencies based on situations such as fire.

Through this, by continuously measuring and notifying human health conditions and life environments whenever and wherever, we support preparing the conditions and indicators for the prevention and improvement for the better.


The service of Dream Visions Co. Ltd consists of a platform for different measuring sensors and services to measure biological and environmental information so that they can be diversely applied to the IoT industry area.


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